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Retail Services

Through the provision of staff with a large knowledge base and experience, Facility Management 1 have detailed knowledge to counter many of the challenges faced by owners in the retail industry today.

FM1 serves the needs of the client to ensure your business continues to operate with minimal to no downtime. With high levels of experience in HVAC systems, hydraulics, Mechanical, Fire Services, Elevators, Pools/Gym, Amenities and access control.

Fm1 is verst to ensure the long term sustainability and value of all aspects of your business. From Fitout to Demolition, FM1 can guide you as the client to ensure you have the right people doing the right job. Through working in line with our Core Value System, FM1 can deliver on many of the challenges faced by Retail Clients.

Case Studies

Retail owners are faced with a growing list of challengers:

  • Risk Management
  • OH&S
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Rising costs
  • Tenant needs
  • Environmental risks

FM1 can work together with you the owner to mitigate these challenges and create a smarter, safer, greener and more efficient building strategy.

Retail properties must demonstrate an energy use reduction of at least 10 %. FM1 help to create savings through the use of better products building wide, such as the replacement of conventional lighting with energy efficient LED lighting. FM1 utilise better methodologies including smarter use of timers, sensors and maintaining minimum lighting standards with lower energy use products.

The savings on energy costs, all pass through to the client’s bottom line while reducing the client’s carbon footprint.

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