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Committed to superior and sustainable strategies

A little history

Facility Management 1 Pty Ltd (FM1) is committed to delivering clear, superior and sustainable facilities management strategies and service to all our clients. As a leader in the provision of integrated facility management services, FM1 ensures the complete integration of technical knowledge, qualifications and experience to ensure proper facility management is delivered, professionally structured and in accordance to current government legislation and standards.

Through our core value systems FM1 ensure:

  • Owners receive the benefits of professional asset control
  • Increase the longevity and reliability of plant & equipment
  • Improved owner liveability and experience
  • Future time and cost savings through the management of a sustainable facility
  • Leadership and clarity to all owners in all decision making processes

FM1 engaged throughout the entire facilities life cycle, to ensure compliance, sustainability and an increase in the long term value of your facility.


Facility Management 1 (FM1) ensures the complete integration of knowledge and experience within its core values system. To operate within this values paradigm, FM1 had to redefine the client relationship. Through full disclosure of all findings back to the client FM1 ensures a fully transparent systematic approach to facility management, leading to long term value for all our clients.

FM1’s core value system is made up of the following key values:


FM1 believes transparency fosters achievement of both short and long term objectives and is mutually beneficial to our clients and partnerships.

Power Through Knowledge

FM1 is relentless in its commitment and understanding of all detailed aspects of its client’s facility. FM1 distinguishes itself by systematically gathering all information on the facility and its systems, plans, permits, equipment and a myriad of other details with full disclosure back to the client. With this knowledge FM1 can act and advise in the best interest of our clients’ property. Building performance and function is rigorously monitored and documented. Building History is understood, trends and patterns are noted, and inefficiencies are broken down and corrected.

With a complete understanding of the definitions, terms and exclusivities of all contracts, FM1 ensure that the right person is engaged for the right job. Through this process and understanding FM1 ensure that contractors and suppliers are not taking advantage or misleading our clients. The continual evolution of legislation and products are monitored regularly, with the implication for each individual facility understood and acted on where applicable.

Long Term Value

By establishing and implementing a well thought through facility management strategy, paying close attention to the intrinsic details of a buildings operations and functionality, FM1 works towards creating sustainable outcomes for a facilities owners.FM1 Believes sustainability means creating environments that enable healthy long term outcomes for all owners, with benefits at multiple levels. The liveability and usability of the facility improves as tenants and owners are able to operate and live their lives in an environment where disruptions are minimised and all aspects of functionality of the facility is dependable.

The general health of the facility increases; emergency and reactive malfunctions are decreased, the integrity of technological systems are maintained, functional weaknesses are pinpointed and rectified. Facilities’ go from being reactive to proactive.


FM1 believe in working together with its clients toward long term value and the creation of sustainable systems to make a facility run Smarter. Greener. Safer and more efficient.Through FM1s detailed understanding of all aspects of facilities and their assets, the overall operation and maintenance become increasingly sustainable, costs are reduced due to a reduction in reactive expenditure and excessive utility charges. Plant and equipment life is increased as sustainable operations and maintenance lead to long term cost savings for a facility.

Both state and federal governments in Australia have introduced minimum standard for new facilities and buildings. FM1 ensure that all staff are across all new and upcoming legislative requires for your building. Through a thorough understanding FM1 ensures that all requirements are met to ensure continual improvement and sustainability of all facets of a building and its assets.


FM1 acts as a regulator on behalf of the property owners. Using our strategic capability, engineering and mechanical knowledge, legislative understanding and project management skill, we proactively manage all aspects of the buildings maintenance and development.FM1 ensure that the ‘Right people are engaged for the right Job.Both suppliers and contractors are given the opportunity to work on our clients’ assets only after they have demonstrated their suitability. Fm1 ensure full accountability back to the supplier. Suppliers are required to demonstrate technical expertise, correct licencing and insurances, professionalism, dependability and fair pricing.

FM1 proactively manage the supply chain to eliminate inefficiencies and maintain direct relationships with those providing the service. FM1 enhances the capabilities of all our suppliers by engaging in mutually, transparent exchanges of ideas to ensure our client receives unfettered service. The service network provided by FM1 adds value to the owners’ efforts, not create problems.

Client Focus

Acting as a market leader, FM1 operates within the properties boundaries functioning as a project manager representing the owner’s interests in managing, maintaining and service an owner’s asset. This dynamic has a great impact on the experience of our clients.By providing owners with a clear and unbiased picture of a buildings performance and health in both short and long terms, FM1 can show in detail exactly who is involved, the required level of service, and at what cost. This approach allows FM1 to provide owners with a clear Facilities management strategy.

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Facility Management 1 (FM1)
Committed to delivering clear, superior and sustainable facilities management strategies and service to all our clients. Contact us today for more information.
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