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Residential Services

Each type of facility brings its own particular challenges, and demands specific skill sets to manage. Residential facilities pose a greater emphasis on the management to have effective relationship and communication skills.

Residential facilities cover a range of property types and construction, from high rise inner city towers, to low rise complexes in the outer suburbs. Each facility has its own unique challenges, issues and opportunities.

With the increase in development of higher density residential buildings, facility management has an important role to play to ensure the facility and its assets are managed and the value of the facility is maintained and continues to grow.

Facility Management 1 understand the framework of residential facilities and their assets, we understand that residential facilities differ in a number of ways from commercials, offices and other facilities:

  • FM1 understand that it is someone’s home
  • Communication & our relationship with clients is vital to ensure a supportive and sustainable environment
  • Priorities vary in comparison to other facilities
  • Essential services (water, hot water, gas and electricity) are a staple for a efficiently run buildings
  • Liveability plays a vital role in the upkeep and maintenance of common area.

Case Studies

Halo Apartments is a 160 lot multi-use facility in St Kilda, Melbourne. In 2014, in partnership with the Owners Corporation Committee, Facility Management 1 undertook an energy audit in order to determine:

  • Overall energy consumption
  • Opportunities to reduce cost
  • Reduce consumption
  • Establish pay back periods for all energy expenses
  • Advise stakeholder of additional benefits (carbon emissions etc.)

Through this process, FM1 established strategies to reduce energy consumption in regard to lighting without comprising safety or aesthetics. In working with the OC committee, FM1 replaced all common area 35W dichroic globes with 7w LEDs across the whole building. The comparison between dichroic and LEDS showed that making this change would reduce overall expenditure on electricity by $1,858.00 per annum with a payback period of 130days. Through the changes made to lighting to Owners Corporation also reduced their Carbon footprint by 53,189.00 Coper annum.

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