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Multi-level Buildings

The demand for expertise to provide facilities management for multi-level buildings, both residential and commercial, is showing no signs of abating as more high rise apartment towers are constructed and multi-level commercial developments extend further away from the CBD.

Facility Management 1 has kept pace with the growth in this sector of facilities management, developing expert teams who are highly skilled in delivering the often unique and specific service and maintenance requirements that these types of facilities demand.

Of paramount concern to Facility Management 1 is the need to deliver service and maintenance work in a timely and efficient manner with minimum disruption to either residents or commercial operations.

In the case of commercial facilities, and where the required work is of a preventative nature, Facility Management 1 will collaborate with the occupants to conduct maintenance work out of hours or, where that is not possible, with minimal down time.

In residential facilities, Facility Management 1 understands that clear communication and respect for resident’s property and their need for the maintenance of essential services are the keys to building a supportive framework in which to deliver our services.

In all instances, Facility Management 1 seeks to protect and maintain the value of the facility as an asset regardless of whether it is owned by a body corporate or a single commercial entity.

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